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17th Oct 2017

KHUA Selection Committee Meeting (19:30) @ Mecure Great Danes, Ashford Road, Holingbourne

28th Nov 2017

KHUA Management Meeting (19:30) @ Mecure Great Danes, Ashford Road, Holingbourne

9th Jan 2018

KHUA Selection Committee Meeting (19:30) @ Mecure Great Danes, Ashford Road, Holingbourne


Tuesday 7th November 2017

This meeting will be held at the Mecure Great Danes Hotel, Ashford Road, Hollingbourne, Kent and commence at 19.30pm.

This is in 21 days.

The main speaker will be David Elworthy who is the Officiating Relationship Manager at England Hockey. The Management Committee would be grateful if you could make very effort to attend.

Recent News Items ...

16th October 2017
New Members
KHUA extends a warm welcome to Nick Barton (Herne Bay HC), Kathy Carrick (Burnt Ash HC), Robin Cathcart (Herne Bay HC), Joel Divers (Gillingham Anchorians HC), Heather Knight (Burnt Ash HC), Phillip Skillen (Gillingham Anchorians HC) and Lindi du Toit (Meopham HC) who all recently completed ...
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Umpire Radios - Usage Update No. 1

With the majority of all regularly appointed umpires now in possession of their radios, I thought that I would advise you all of one or two "tips" to ensure the smooth operation of the sets. It is therefore advised as follows:-

1. When pairing the radios that this is done by one ...
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13th October 2017
New Member
KHUA extends a warm welcome to Stuart Weedon (BBHC) who has achieved Club Umpire Assessed (previously L1 Assessed) accreditation and has joined our association.
11th October 2017
Player - Umpire Attitude and Respect
It is still relatively early in the season but it is timely to remind umpires that we need to display appropriate engaging attitude and respect towards players whilst officiating, responding firmly but calmly in all instances where somebody ‘crosses the line’. Effective player management can be ...
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Kent Schools’ Girls U18 Indoor Tournament Posted As Outdoor Fixture
The continuing difficulties with the Indoor Fixtures and Appointments website functionality was preventing members entering their availability. The Girls U18 Tounament on 9 November has now been entered as an Outdoor Fixture in the same way as the U16 event has been promulgated; members should now ...
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7th October 2017
Umpiring Course - 12 November 2017
Old Williamsonians HC are hosting an EH Level 1 Umpiring Course on 12 November 2017. Further details and application are through the EH Website at under OFFICIATE - UMPIRING - FIND A COURSE (More) menu selections.
29th September 2017
Website glitch - 10th September
The glitch that was advised on 10th September is now fixed
23rd September 2017
Level 2 Success
I am very pleased to be able to announce that Annette Golding passed her Level 2 Assessment watching today and will become a full member of ERHUA. Well done Annette!
21st September 2017
Updating Availability
Members taking appointments are requested to ensure that they update their availability when their personal circumstances change. When an umpire becomes unable to fulfil an appointment, it is not helpful when somebody else is appointed as a replacement only for the relevant appointments secretary ...
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20th September 2017
Women's Appointments
The schedule of women's games requiring KHUA umpires is not even early in the season this year and until things settle down in October, we are having to use available umpires on a 'needs must' basis. That will mean A1 umpires officiating Kent Premier games on occasion; we will endeavour to get back ...
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