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18th August 2016
Publication of Women's Appointments
Today being 18 August and the date on which September appointments should be posted, I regret that I am unable to publish these at present because push-back times and pitch locations have not been finalised and entered by the clubs. The September appointments are drafted and will be released as ...
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14th August 2016
September Availability Entry
Umpires who take appointments and have not entered their availability yet will find that September has 'closed'. Individuals can either enter October availability, save that and then go back in using the 'Change Availability' option and enter September detail or e-mail me ( ...
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New Members
KHUA extends a warm welcome to Paul Crane (Canterbury HC) and Cameron Tait (Folkestone HC) who recently achieved L1 Assessed accreditation with EH and have joined our Association.
12th August 2016
IMPORTANT - NEW SEASON ACTION: Women's PB Times, Team Contact Details and 'Pool' Umpire Notification
All clubs with women's teams playing in East 1S, East 2SE and Kent Premier are reminded that they need to enter Push-Back times for home fixtures, update team contact details and notify the Women's Appointments Secretary ( who their primary 'Pool' umpire(s) is/are as soon as ...
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8th August 2016
New Members
KHUA extends a warm welcome to Wendy Emery and Jon Norman (both Maidstone HC) who recently completed the L1 Assessed accreditation process and have joined our Association.
7th August 2016
New Season Availability
With the first games of the new season a little over 6 weeks away, our appointments secretaries are beginning to start thinking about September appointments. September and October availability may now be entered so umpires wishing to be appointed during these months should ensure their availability ...
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14th July 2016
New Members
KHUA extends a warm welcome to Dan Bishop (New Beccehamians HC) and Alan Kemp (New Beccehamians HC) who both recently achieved L1 Assessed Accreditation and have joined our Association.
7th July 2016
New Members Update
Due to a slight overload in tasks, a couple of new members who joined the KHUA during last season were not publicly welcomed to our Assiciation and four individuals recently completed the accreditation process and have become members. KHUA therefore extends a warm welcome to Louise Cassey ...
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27th May 2016

We are in the horns of a dilemma!!!
At present Chris Peart is covering both positions and wishes to step down eventually.
We need volunteers to shadow Chris so that they can learn what the posts entail.

If you feel that you are able to ...
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21st April 2016
This year is a very notable one for hockey Umpiring in Kent, as it marks the 50th year of our Association.

I am sure that you agree, we should not let the moment pass without some celebration

Simon Begg will lead our endeavours. He has just been appointed and has formed a strong sub group of ...
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